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2022-06-16 01:41:38 By : Mr. junlin guo

EAST Malaita Constituency early this week received with overwhelming heart a timely support of building materials for the construction of their modern style mini-hospital and 69 water tanks of varied capacity (1000-3000litres) for its Water and Sanitation Project from the Peoples Republic of China (PRC).

H.E. Chinese Ambassador Li Ming handed over the building materials to the Mini Hospital Project and Water and Sanitation Project for the people of East Malaita through their Member of Parliament and Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Maelanga in a small but significant ceremony held at the Alligator Creek, Sea Front in Honiara.

In his remarks, Hon. Manasseh Maelanga thanked China for responding to the request of East Malaita people and kindly providing livelihood assistance.

“Due to its remote location, residents in East Malaita are confronted with challenges on shortages of medical treatment and tap water.

“The construction materials donated by China will be used in the community clinic and water facilities, which will be a great boost to locals’ living condition. China is widely regarded as a good friend and development partner by people in Malaita.”

He said East Malaita people look forward to receiving more assistance and training support from China and hosting Chinese medical team in the new Mini Hospital in the future. “It is also their shared belief that the friendship between Solomon Islands and China will make greater progress in the future.”

He further stated that his constituency will continue to work in partnership with PRC and other donor partners to help develop his constituency now and into the future.

“I further call on other constituencies in the Solomon Islands to embrace this development partnership with PRC and other donor partners as we strive to improve the lives of our people,” Hon. Maelanga said.

Meanwhile, H.E. Chinese Ambassador Li Ming briefed the fruitful outcomes achieved by both sides during Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s first official visit to Solomon Islands.

He said China is committed to the friendship with SI on the basis of respect, mutual benefit, openness and transparency.

“China aid has contributed substantially to infrastructure, agriculture, health and livelihood in Malaita and other provinces. The cement, steel rods, water tanks and other building materials donated by Chinese Embassy to East Malaita people today are the testament to profound friendship between our two peoples. It will help resolve livelihood challenges that have plagued local people for quite a long time. As the Chinese old saying goes “Give one a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

“China stands ready to share its experience of economic growth with Malaita friends and all other Solomon Islands people to achieve common and sustainable development,” H.E Ambassador Ming said.

Ungaiabu tribe in East Malaita hosted the mini-hospital.

The land has been registered and will also host staff houses, a secondary school, a Rural Training Center (RTC), tourism and market zones, Fisheries and other economic activities to bring in other essential services.

East Malaita Constituency had already opened their modern style constituency office on that land prior to the landowner fully registering that land just recently.

Hon. Maelanga assured the landowning group that as the MP for East Malaita he will continue to support all their effort to see his people benefit from these developments.

Ungaiabu Trust Board representative and landowner Barnabas Maelimani also acknowledged PRC and their MP Hon. Maelanga for the milestone achievement.

“I am very proud today that our land is registered and is ready for development,” Maelimani affirmed.

Mr. Maelimane said such health infrastructure is important therefore his people supports the project to ensure it is accomplished for the benefit of the people of East Malaita and the country as a whole.

The water tanks will be distributed to identified schools, clinics and communities. – MRD Media

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